Welcome to The Dark Uprising Guild of World Of Warcraft. We are a guild comprised of mostly adults who strive to offer our members a drama free gaming enviornment. We will accept certain younger members providing they can act like adults and keep drama in the real world.
Our guild currently exists on multiple realms. We are currently working to link all of these realms together under one guild chat. This will allow us to group together across realms for questing, dungeons and raids.

*Currently Blizzard has disabled their API importer so there is no way to import the current member/ character list but as soon as Blizzard fixes this issue, the characters will be updated regularly.*  ~Amabella

Want to thank all of the members that came to our Legion Launch Party and participated last night!  Here is the list of those that participated and the winners of our loot rolls!


Anahlla - $5000 gold
Stalfrun - $2000 gold
Diattremond – Set of 30 slot bags
Dirtylooks – Set of 22 slot bags
Zompire -  Set of 16 slot bags
Diattremond – Direhorn Runt pet
Stalfrun – Felbat Pup
Keilain – Felbat Pup
Compensation – Cobra Hatchling
Dirtylooks – Cobra Hatchling
Keilain – Land Shark
Anahlla – Land Shark
Zompire – Land Shark
Compensation – Snowshoe Rabbit
Keilain – Great Horned Owl

The Dark Uprising Links. 

We use Gamevox for our voice chat. Simply download it, set up your account, and search for "The Dark Uprising" channel within the gamevox client.

Check out our Facebook Page. Don't forget to sign up when you visit.
The Dar Uprising Guild of WoW

For Information on how to play your character

If you are stuck on a quest

For the best addons and mods to your U.I. download the curse client.

Ranks: Ranks will be kept simple. They are as follows.
Guild Master: 1
Co-Guild Master:1
Vice Master: 1
1st Officer: 1

Counsel: 5
Raider: Multiple
Elite Member: Anyone at maximum level.

Member:  Anyone 48 hours of membership and level 20 or above
Initiate: Anyone newly recruited or under level 20
Probation: Is it not obvious?

check out the music of our very own Malice. https://soundcloud.com/stephanie-lynn-8
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